Enrichment day

The participants will complete two creative projects throughout the day which can be film making, photography or an animation. Through the participants taking part in these activities, they will have the opportunity to develop their planning and thinking skills through problems solving.

Exciting New Social Skills and Mentoring Programme for Schools

The mentoring is a one to one programme and the participants chooses an art based project like designing a board game, making a film or creating a series of photos around a theme. Through meeting with the participants on a weekly basis I will be able to support and encourage and help them to engage in school better.

Socials skills workshops I will cover a different topic each week for 6 weeks with up to 7 participants. The topics includes anger management so they can learn that it is okay to feel angry and ways to calm down. Respect so they can learn why respect is important and how to show it. Also diversity where they will learn that we are all different but equal and how it’s okay to disagree but still be able to get along.

Bringing History to Life

Participants create a series of films about some of the things they have been learning about in History.

For example they could research and use the information about an historical figure like a World War One Soldier or Henry VIII and create a film about them. They could create a Quiz Show using green screen technology to create a virtual studio set and to test each others knowledge of the facts.

This innovative project sees participants become Youtubers for the day and create their own educational You Tube video! These videos will then teach other participants about the topic they have been learning. Participants will learn a range of special FX including green screen technology to make their video a hit!


Participants will develop their very own quiz show and they will create their own questions and virtual TV studio, using green screen technology. They will battle it out by testing each other’s knowledge, and consolidating their understanding in the process.


Building on participant’s passion for Premier League Football this project gives participants the opportunity to create their own sports show, like the popular television programme Match of the Day. Using creative software participants can take their place in the studio (role of Gary Lineker) and interview players. They will use their knowledge of maths to describe the game, using terms such as: angles, perimeter, distance, and area.


A series of 10 workshops for 10 weeks, where participants will learn the process of filmmaking by learning how to create a film from start to finish. They will learn how to developing a film idea, writing the script, shooting the film and finally editing.