We delivered a project for The Avenue Centre in Luton with a group of young people who had been excluded or at risk of exclusion from school. It was a four week project where we taught them how to set up the camera to film interviews. They interviewed each other and shared their experiences of school life and some of the challenges they face. The also performed and filmed a drama around bullying as some of them have experienced it.

We led a discussion session about how our actions have consequences and this helped them to think about their behaviour. After the project a young person who refused to go school for two years went back into school and was on track for getting A's. She also presented the film at a youth event.

Bringing History to Life

We worked with Lowewood Museum in Hoddesdon and delivered a World War One film project with a group of secondary school students from John Warner School. They carried out research and developed scripts to created a series of films based on the diary entries of a soldier called Stephen Warner. The students dressed up in costumes and wore make up that look like wounds. They learn how to professional camera and how to create special FX’s using green screen technology.

Determination Film

We delivered 10 workshops at Almond Hill Junior School in Stevenage, where we gave 15 pupils the challenge to create a film around the theme of determination. They worked in groups of five and developed the script, decided on roles and shot the films. They invited parents and teachers and presented the films and shared what skills they had learnt and what they found difficult too.

Lea Springs Care Home

We led a series of workshops for the elderly residents of Lea Springs Care Home in St Albans. They were keen to learn new skills they brought their own cameras and tablets and had lots of questions. They also used professional cameras and created their own quiz show using green screen technology. They really enjoyed themselves and showed great appreciation for us coming for them.